SWE-RAYS Workshop 2021 schedule

Wednesday, September 21:

13.00-13.15 Introduction to SWE-RAYS workshop
13.15-14.15 Get to know the participants
14.15-14.45 Poster session and “fika”
14.45-15.10 Oral presentation 1: Rimon Thomas
15.10-15.35 Oral presentation 2: Pamela Akuwudike

Thursday, September 22:

09.15-09.30 Introduction
09.30-11.40 Invited speaker: Christel Copp
Visual Presentation Techniques – making complex subjects more understandable
11.40-12.10 Poster session and “fika”
12.10-13.00 LUNCH
13.00-14.00 Annual meeting
14.00-14.10 Break
14.10-14.35 Oral presentation 3: Lukas Lundholm
14.35-15.00 Oral presentation 4: Emma Einarsson
15.00-15.10 Break
15.10-15.35 Oral presentation 5: Klara Simonsson
15.35-16.00 Oral presentation 6: Milagrosa López Riego
16.00-16.10 Workshop evaluation
16.10-16.20 Ending of workshop

Invited speaker:

Visual Presentation Techniques – making complex subjects more understandable Images attract the attention of the human eye, and are therefore an effective tool in visual communication. However, when designing a presentation we need to have knowledge about perception, content, layout and typography. In this lecture we shall address these important factors to make future PowerPoints as pedagogical as possible.
Lecturer: Christel Copp, JMG, University of Gothenburg

Oral presentations:

Presentation 1: Radionuclides in health and wellness products
Rimon Thomas, University of Gothenburg

Presentation 2: Cell-type specific differences in the competitive relationship between cell killing and accumulation of carcinogenic mutations following fractionated radiation exposure
Pamela Akuwudike, Stockholm University

Presentation 3: VERDICT and kurtosis modelling of diffusion MRI for early assessment of radiotherapy response in a model of human neuroendocrine tumour
Lukas Lundholm, University of Gothenburg

Presentation 4: Imaging with Synchrotron Light Reveals Collagen Crimp Patterns of Ex Vivo Human Meniscus
Emma Einarsson, Lund University

Presentation 5: Altered apoptotic gene regulation in kidney medulla and cortex after 177Lu-octreotate and/or rA1M injection in mice
Klara Simonsson, University of Gothenburg

Presentation 6: Cellular and gene expression changes in VH10 and AHH-1 cells after chronic and acute exposure to low doses of low, high and mixed LET ionizing radiation
Milagrosa López Riego, Stockholm University

E-poster presentations:

Presentation 1: Cancer-related changes in cells exposed to alpha radiation in combination with nicotine
Nadia Boroumand, Stockholm University

Presentation 2: Transcriptional response in human neuroendocrine GOT1 tumors after co-treatment with 177Lu-octreotate and the proposed radioprotector rA1M
Nishte Dello, University of Gothenburg

Presentation 3: In silico tumour modelling accounting for tumour oxygenation and its dynamics
Filippo Schiavo, Stockholm University

Presentation 4: A method for high quality magnetic resonance spectroscopy of discs during normal breathing
Frida Johansson, University of Gothenburg

Presentation 5: Dose-response effects of 177Lu-octreotate and 177Lu-octreotide in neuroblastoma-bearing mice
Arman Romiani, University of Gothenburg

Note: All e-posters will be presented at both poster sessions if possible.