10th Annual Workshop for Young Radiation Researchers, 21st-23rd August 2023 in Beautiful Gothenburg!

We anticipate that SWE-RAYS 2023 will be a gathering of young researchers, addressing emerging topics and interesting issues in Radiation. This time the SWE-RAYS workshop will be held at the Gothenburg University (Medicinaregatan 3) from 21st until 23rd of August with not only oral and poster presentations but also some social activities including lunches and a WELCOMING DINNER!

The aims of the workshop is to give opportunity to students and researchers to present their works and extend their knowledge by hearing others suggestions and ideas. Also they will have the chance of promoting collaboration between the research groups active in Sweden, and to promote career finding and career development for young scientists. Therefore, SWE-RAYS decided to have all the workshop, lunches and dinners free of charge to give the participation opportunity to everyone.

If you have any questions regarding the event do not hesitate to contact us: workshop@swerays.se

We expect SWE-RAYS 2023 to be a memorable event, bringing scientific and social achievements!

We hope to host an amazing event and look forward to meeting you in Gothenburg, 21st-23rd of August!

Deadline : 16th of July 23:59!