SWE-RAYS Workshop 2019

Lund 19-21st of August

SWE-RAYS want to thank all SWE-RAYS members for your participation and contributions to the 7th SWE-RAYS workshop!

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The workshop had 21 participating members contribution with 9 oral presentations and 5 posters. The topics of the presentations covered a wide variety of radiation research fields including radiobiology, environmental radioactivity, radiation protection and risk, dosimetry, nuclear power, medical physics and MRI.

During these three days, we had workshops in how to streamline academic writing and how to present yourself and your research within 30 s, elevator talks. We had guest lecturers, Joffrey Germa from ESS and Emelie Hilner from Max IV who talked about the respective research facility and how we as researchers can utilize their facilities. Professor Sören Mattsson and Professor Freddy Ståhlberg from Lund University gave inspiring lectures on respective views on how to make an academic career.

Award winners!

Best oral presentations

Lovisa Waldner, Lund University

“NaCl pellets as prospective dosemeters for hospital applications”

Antanas Bukartas, Lund University

“Bayesian method for localisation of point gamma radiation sources”

Best poster

Charlotte Andersson, University of Gothenburg

“The protective antioxidant rA1M allows full antitumor effects of 177Lu-octreotate treatment in PDX neuroendocrine tumor models”

Anna Bejnö, Lund University

“AI together with MI in mammography”

Charlotte Andersson, Lovisa Waldner, Anna Bejnö and Antanas Bukartas

The SWE-RAYS organization committee 2018

Guillaume Pedehontaa Hiia

Lovisa Waldner

Emma Einarsson

Notes from the board

The board would like to express our gratitude to Rimon Thomas and Andris Abramenkovs for the excellent work as board members for the last years. Thank you! We also like to welcome Antanas Bukartas, Mikael Elvborn and Pamela Akuwudike as new board members.

The 8th SWE-RAYS workshop will be held in Gothenburg!