Number of members: 180

The Swedish Radiation Research Association for young Scientists (SWE-RAYS) is a network for PhD students and junior researchers active in radiation-related research in Sweden, were “young” refers to the career and not the age of the scientist. “Radiation research” is a broad definition that to the society also includes non-ionizing radiation and other  suitable subjects (UV, MR, etc)

The aims of the network are to promote collaboration between the research groups active in Sweden, and to promote career finding and career development for young scientists (focusing on PhD students and post-docs). This focus will be economical, in that any funding received will mainly go towards promoting PhD student and post-docs and their activities. We also encourage senior scientists to join, since their experience is very valuable to us.

The network is supported and was initiated by the Centre for Radiation Protection Research (CRPR) at the Stockholm University, and was officially founded by the steering committe in december of 2012.

The first national workshop was held at Stockholm University, 30-31st of August 2012. The workshop had 46 participants, of which 29 were PhD students or post-docs.